Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tiranga Paratha

I know Independence Day was on 15th August, and I drafted this post on 16th morning. Monday to Friday, I'm literally dancing to the tune 'Ajab Daud Hai, Gajab Daud Hai, Ye Jeena Yaaro Daud Hai'. Abbas was working during EST hours that week and I had given him the responsibility of attaching the food pics and posting it. And hence my dear readers, I end up posting this today!!!  

Independence Day for us all Indians and double celebration for our family coz it's Ma’s birthday. This was the first time ever after my marriage, that Ma was not with us on her birthday. I told Abbas that I would bake a cake and post it on my blog dedicating it to Ma. ‘No’ always rests at the tip of his tongue whenever I propose something. It’s not that he means to say it but it’s as though the word pushes itself out his mouth unable to resist. He likes spending his weekends relaxing by watching TV, taking rest, sleeping. For me its cooking, cleaning, cooking, washing, cooking, buying weekly grocery, did I mention cooking? Yes, I’m such a freak.

I was picking spinach leaves, and as usual my daughters pitched in to offer help. Abbas (irritated with my cooking obsession) says “Today is Independence Day. Nobody is bothered. People send hoards of SMS’s on Diwali, New Year and other festivals. Did we receive a single SMS today? Do you have to be busy with cooking always? Switch on the TV atleast and let the kids watch Independence Day celebrations!” My mind instantly remembered Tiranga Paratha that I had had in my childhood days at my Dad’s friend’s place. I wanted to recreate it and I wouldn’t make the mistake of even mentioning what was going on in my mind. It was a surprise during dinner…

Well, I finally received three Independence Day messages by night and the content was the same… “Freedom in mind, Faith in words, Pride in our hearts and Memories in our soul. Let’s salute the nation on our 63rd Independence Day” I am proud to be an Indian.


Wheat Flour – 2 cups
Maida – 1 cup
Carrot – 2, medium sized, peeled and cut lengthwise into finger sized pieces
Spinach leaves – 1 bunch
Salt to taste
Water to knead dough
Oil – 2 tsp per paratha


1. Boil spinach leaves and carrot with a pinch of salt in water for about 10-15 mins.
2. Once cooled, grind carrot and spinach separately with a little water.
3. Mix 1 cup of wheat flour, salt and carrot paste to knead orange dough. Keep aside.

4. Mix 1 cup of wheat flour, salt and spinach paste to knead green dough. Keep aside.

5. Knead maida with salt and water for the white dough.

6. Roll all three dough and arrange as shown in the below picture.

7. Cut vertically. Using the above measurements, I made 18 parathas.

8. Roll using a rolling pin, fry on a tawa on both sides using a little oil.

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  1. wow Seema, that is such a wonderful and colorful creation !!!

  2. Wow..this is brilliant. Love it totally :)

  3. Wow looks so beautiful and colorful .Do drop by when u find time


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