Thursday, July 21, 2011

Methi Chapathi - Indian bread with fenugreek leaves

Ma made this as she saw this in one of the cookery shows. She forgot the name of this dish. She claimed that this dish belongs to Orissa. So I asked many of my Oriya friends describing the dish with ingredients to find out what it is called. But they weren’t able to name it. Here I simply christen it as Methi Chapathi. It tastes slightly different than our regular Chapathi as the dough is kneaded using curd. We absolutely loved it with Alur Torkari as side for dinner.

Fenugreek leaves – a fistful, cleaned
Wheat flour / Atta – 2 cups
Curd – 1 cup
Red chilli powder – ½ tsp
Salt – to taste
Sugar – 1 tsp
Water – if required to need
Oil – ½ tsp for each chapathi

  1. Soak methi leaves in water mixed with little salt and sugar and keep aside for 15 mins. Strain the methi leaves squeeze excess water off.
  2. Mix all the ingredients except oil and water and knead well. Add water or wheat floor to get a smooth but firm dough.
  3. Cover with a kitchen towel and keep aside for about 30 mins.
  4. Make smalls balls out of the dough and roll into small discs using a rolling pan.
  5. Heat griddle and place a disc, sprinkle few drops of oil. Once the chapathi starts fluffing, invert and again sprinkle oil. Once it is properly cooked on both sides, remove from griddle and repeat for rest of the dough.
My li'l fairies always happy to help in kitchen...


And the final platter...

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  1. Oh this one is my favourite..I just made it yesterday.I don't add sugar...that's the only difference.

  2. Your little helpers are too cute and adorable..Love methi paratha and that looks absolutely delicious..and the final platter is so yummy!

  3. very delicious looking chapati and love your princesses :)

  4. Such cute little sous chefs you have there ~ the parathas must be tasting extra special n delish :)
    US Masala

  5. I like this one. I like the addition of yoghurt will try it out some time.


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