Friday, October 7, 2011

Dulche De Leche Payasam


I was raving about how I made Dulche De Leche at home in my last post. While I had plans to make brownie and flan using it, I had some guests coming over. Due to short notice, I made this easy breezy payasam impromptu. There is no such recipe as such. I shallow fried some vermicelli in ghee. When it turned brownish, I add milk and let it cook. I finally threw in dulche de leche as per my sweet buds. It's as easy as that folks. I do not have the exact measurements of milk to vermicelli to dulche de leche ratio here coz I added by instincts and while tasting as I went about it. So follow your instincts folks! It came quite close to Nolen Gurer Payesh due to its caramelized taste.

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  1. Omg, payasam with dulche de leche just drooling over that bowl..


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