Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daler Vada

I love Bong Daler Boris. I would hand pick Boris from my Tarakaris and relish them with my eyes closed and my jaws moving in a cylcic velvety motion! Now what the hell is cyclic velvety motion? I simply conjured up this expression from nowhere to describe my expression of elation. If you have seen the new ad of Cadbury's Dairy Milk's New Silk series, you would know what I mean!

One fine day I ran out of Boris carried all the way from Kolkata to Chennai and my cravings for Bori had to be somehow satisfied. Like they say "The true worth of a thing or a being is best known in its/his/her absence". Then came a timely post from Sandeepa. Instantly made them, although she had fried them in an appe pan, I deep fried them. Also my South Indian soul coudnt resist dumping in some chopped curry leaves and leaving some dal unground too. I did not have any Vadas left coz my kiddos too gobbled in quite a few. Had fried half of the batter without green chillies for them.

In the blender add

a cup of soaked lentils - I used channa dal, and kept spoonfuls of dal aside before grinding
1" piece of peeled and chopped ginger
3-4 green chili
1 small onion chopped
a tsp of chopped curry leaves
1/2 cup of water
and make a smooth paste.

Add salt to taste and unground dal to this paste. If you wish add 1 tsp of roasted cumin powder . I deep fried them. Serve hot with a hot cup of tea or with rice, dal, ghee and pickle for an "out of this world" meal. Ma loves to have her bhaat with ghee, kaacha lonka and these vadas.
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  1. Crispy vada tempts me a lot...delicious!

  2. OMG...this vada is awesome...wat a wonderful presentation ..will try it immediately dear...!


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