Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Golden Onion Quiche

It was Savoury September on Sweet Punch. Ria presented us with this Golden Onion Quiche as the challenge this time. I stuck to the recipe except that I baked them the mini-way in my muffin tray. As I donned the apron, my twin 2-year olds were begging to sit on the kitchen deck so that they could see what Mamma was baking this time. I began beating eggs, they started shooting questions at me as if it was a cookery show and they were the inquistive anchors! When I took a block of cheddar cheese to grate, 'BAM' came another question. "Eta ki Mamma? (What is this Mamma)" They are crazy cheese lovers like me and had till then only known cheese in the form of slices. Me, being the cunning Mamma, did not want to introduce them to this new form of cheese or they would not spare me untill they finish off all the cheese. I am not a lier Mommy too and did not want to blindly say some name for it! To be on the safer side, I said "It's Cheddar". Sigh!!! They repeated "Theddallll????". Happily I nodded proud of my presence of mind. After grating in the cheese, there were some left on the grater, which I hastily remove using my finger and consume (read LICK). This time looking at my lil ones' faces, I let them lick my finger. Tamanna licked my fingy first and her face lit up and her expression said "EUREKA". She gave me a sheepish smile and said "Eta Theeeeed eta" (Means This Cheese this). I burst out into laughter.

Serves 4


For the pastry:
Maida -200g
Butter (frozen) -100g (preferably unsalted)
Baking powder-1/4 tsp
Salt-to taste
Beaten egg-1
Ice cold water-as required ( which will be a few drops)
  • Sieve maida ,salt and baking powder together. Grate in the butter and mix it with the flour with your fingertips till it resembles coarse sand.
  • Add in the beaten egg and water and gather it into a soft dough.
  • Roll it out on a lightly floured surface and lift it up carefully and line the tin that you will be baking it in.If it breaks up and you need to do a patch work, big deal! It wouldn't be seen outside! ;)
  • Which ever tin you are using, make sure the dough comes a little way up the sides, so that it can hold the filling in. 
  • If you are in doubt, see this.

Boiled and shredded chicken-1/2 c ( you can substitute it for paneer or other veggies of your choice)
Onion-250 g ,chopped
Milk-1 c
Cheese-100g (cheddar will work fine)
Beaten eggs-3
Salt and pepper to taste
Oil- as needed.

  • Heat oil and slightly fry the chicken/paneer til it is golden brown. Add in the onions and fry till onions have caramelised.
  • Switch off the flame. 
  • Add milk, cheese, beaten eggs, salt and pepper and mix well.
  • Pour into the pastry case and bake for 25 mins or till golden brown .
 Let it cool in the tin completely . Serve it in wedges...

PS: I have been showing the round-ups of Sweet Punch to Abbas, he would always say "Why are your pics the dullest?" With two brats around, cooking itself is a great deal for me. I don't get the time and energy to put efforts in clicking although I would love to. This time, I asked Abbas to click for me and and I enjoyed giving him inputs. The pics are better than any of my earlier ones. Having said that, "Every successful man has a woman behind him" Don't you agree??? 
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  1. Your Quiches look perfect and I liked the idea of making it in muffin tins.I think I know what to make for my daughter's party next week.Thanks for the idea.

  2. They look so sweet - and after reading your story - sure, you can't keep the cheese lovers away from cheese for long! Theedal..so cute!

  3. your pics are not dull at all, don't worry. these mini versions are so good right? we enjoyed them more than the wedges, I made both :)

  4. Hi seema
    your mini quiches are so perfect:-)


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