Monday, January 3, 2011

Choco Chip Cookies

Have been baking cakes and muffins for quite some time. Yes, the baking bug has bitten me hard. And I wanna venture into new arenas of baking. All thanks to Sweet Punch team and fellow bloggers, I'm learning and growing as a baker. Several times while I blog-hop, go through mind blowing recipes and check the ingredient list first. I frown at the sight of ingredients that I don't have access to or won't be able to procure. Specially ingredients related to baking are like treasures to be hunted for in India. Some time ago, I bumped into Suma's blog where she has written a post on availability of baking raw materials in Bangalore along with address and contact details. That page delighted me more than my pay-slip or even offer letetrs for that matter!

Recently visited this small shop called General Additives in Seshadripuram, which had most of the items in my wish list. The best part is that the prices are genuine. I bought whipping cream powder, choco chips, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cake tin, muffin cups... For the next two days, I would open the packet of these goodies, and wonder what to make with my long-awaited belongings. I zeroed in on something that I had never made before. Ria's choco chip cookies were the best bet!

I'm glad I chose her recipe coz they are 100% trust worthy and one can follow the recipe blindly to the T without any apprehensions about results. Thanks Ria, for being an inspiration to budding bakers like me...

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  1. These are fabulous and looks yummy! Happy New Year!

  2. Hey Seema,Thank you so much for trying it out and that too your first recipe for 2011! I'm so happy to hear that you liked it, too :-)Thank you for that little mention, too! :)

    I used to be like you,stocking up everything when I go to such a store, but now,it's become easier :)

  3. Seema, cookies looks scrumptious dear..


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