Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Palak Pathrado

Pathrado is one of the favourite sides on an Amchi platter. Having it along Rice and Dali Toy (Amchi Dal) is a heavenly experience for me and I believe for most Amchi population.

After marriage, I really missed this dish as I never saw Taro leaves in Kolkata. I couln’t even explain to my folks what it was as there are some varieties which are not edible. One day I googled Taro leaves for images and was showing Ma if she could identify it.  Sudden outburst from my kids’ nanny, Savitha at the sight of these leaves. “Didi, eigulo to kochu pata. Eigulo khao na ki?” (She could identify those and she wondered if we ate those?) I confidently (and proudly) announced, “Yes, we eat them. Do you know where these are available?” She said skeptically “There are so many near my home. I can get them for you. But… How …can you … eat …them?” Due to my persistence, she brought them for me and I jumped out of joy. I did not have a steamer with me then. So I made my Amma’s Phanna pathrado in pressure cooker. We had unexpected guests that day during lunch time. They too got to taste these and were stunned that something so delicious could be made out of Taro leaves! And Savitha would bring Taro leaves whenever she found fresh ones coz she too was hooked on to the taste!

Well, that was about Kolkata. Ever since we moved out of Kolkata, I never got to eat Pathrado. Never found Taro leaves in Chennai or in Bangalore. Had bumped into Divya’s Palak Pathrado some time back. Made those to subside my Pathrado craving. I must say they were yummy to the core. Didn’t miss Taro leaves at all. And the best part is that there is no fear of throat itching that occurs as after effect with some Taro leaves. The masala that I use is a bit different from Divya’s though. (I also drizzled drops of mustard oil instead of coconut oil to see if Abbas would like it. But as usual he didn’t like it. God Bless the Pathrado deprived soul!)

Spinach leaves – 1 bunch
Rice flour – 2 tbsp (add little more if the masala turns runny)
Coconut oil – 1 tsp

For the Masala:
Grated coconut – 2/3 cup
Red chillies – 7-8 or as per spice tolerance
Tamarind – 1 small marble sized ball
Fenugreek seeds – a pinch
Turmeric poweder – ¼ tsp
Hing / Asafoetida – a pinch
Salt to taste

  1. Wash the spinach leaves well and keep aside.
  2. Grind together the ingredients called out in the ‘For the Masala’ section with a little water. Add rice flour and mix. The masala must have spreadable consistency. If it is too runny, add little more rice flour.
  3. Take the biggest spinach leaves of the lot and place separately on a platform. Smear the masala over them. Place next smaller sized leaves over them and repeat the process of layering for about 6-8 times atleast. Roll gently and secure the rolls by tying them with a thread.
  4. Steam in an idli steamer for about 20-25 minutes or till well cooked.
  5. Serve hot right out of steamer with coconut oil drizzled on top. (And ofcourse do not forget to remove the thread tied around the Pathrados before serving.)

This recipe goes out to Bookmarked Recipes Every Tuesday hosted by Priya and Aipi.

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  1. Yum..your pics are tempting me to bake this again..lovely!!

  2. Pathrado with palak leaves looks yummy and interesting..

  3. Interesting.... actually a good idea of using palak leaves for this recipe.

  4. very unique dish and the green leaf steam,will give a different taste.

  5. Never tasted it before.. but looks very good and filling is just perfect.

  6. Thanks a ton Seema for your wishes !

  7. wow, that is a very new and interesting recipe. I can almost taste the ingredients the way your picture looks, absolutely gorgeous :)

  8. This recipe looks so yummy Seema...there's a award galore waiting for you in my space ...plz accept it !

  9. Wow, how interesting the preparation is - And very nice pictorial presentation... good one to bookmark :) thanks for sharing this lovely post dear!

  10. Hi Seema,

    I am Prathiba from"The indian food court". I too prepare this and my version is i grind soaked raw rice with the masala and continue with the same process as you do. You have a wonderful space and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!


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