Sunday, February 27, 2011

Craft | Mehndi Art 1

My dear readers,

I'm taking a small break from blogging as I have injured my right wrist. Doc says its due to inflammation of tendons around wrist bones. Phew! I'm prescribed immobility of right hand. Abbas played a movie to help me fight boredom and he couldn't have chosen a better movie apt for my condition. I could absolutely understand Hrithik's sufferings in 'Guzarish'. Keeping one hand immobile for a day was like a nightmare. Uploading some pics of the art work created by my right hand. Hope it will recover soon...

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  1. get well soon work and u have wonerful talents

  2. wow Seema, amazing, mind-blowing. I love mehendi any and every time. I wish you stayed closer and I would have come to you almost every month :)

  3. Wow.. the art work is too good. Design is so fab. And Get well soon.


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